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Me time: Operation clean-up!

I have a confession:  cleaning the house is not really one of the things that I like to do.  In the name of my allergies, I have a good reason to tell hubby he should be in charge of cleaning.  LOL.  I don’t know about you, but I love washing the dishes more than any other household chore.

But today I am left with no other choice because hubby is not available. So I mopped, dusted, swept…

I have to admit that I loved it.  I loved the peace and quiet, just having the time to myself. I took my time… and enjoyed every moment of it.  Of course there’s fb in-between… LOL. And good music.  I enjoyed listening to Chris Tomlin’s “Our God”.  An encouraging Christian song really lifts up the spirit!  I am sharing with you this song… may it encourage you and make your day as beautiful as mine!

Happy Monday, y’all!



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Swimming Buddies

That’s our boy with our friends’ daughter behind him.  That’s Ria, our girl ready to slide!

Here she comes!  Both our kids love to swim. We come to this swimming pool every Friday with other homeschooling kids, and they just love it! They would be so looking forward to Fridays and can’t wait to take a plunge in this pool. Since it’s always hot here in Bangkok, pools won’t need pentair heat pumps except for the spas.

I don’t really like to swim much, and hobby is not allowed because of his ear infections– but the kids are very insistent that I join them on Friday. Well, ok… I guess I should just this time. They also want me to do the slide. That, I cannot do! But then again who can say no to kids? 😉

Me-time: Napping!

Hubby took a photo of me napping soundly after a day’s work… I slept on the carpet still with my work clothes on!  I just passed out, I guess! LOL.  I love napping here. I feel like I have a sense of ownership in this particular corner of the house! 😉

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Central World revisited

This is Central World mall… one of the big malls here in Bangkok.  This was our second visit here.  Our first one was on Christmas of 2009, where the tallest Christmas tree in Southeast Asia stood.

This second visit, we had a longer time going around the huge mall.  The sign “Power buy” that you see is a huge electronics store where they sell the latest electronic gadgets, computers and latest laptops. For now I think my computer is still doing a good job, so I won’t be going there anytime soon. But hubby’s laptop does need a new battery. On second thought, we might be making another trip to Central World.  But before every purchase, it will always be best to compare prices with other malls and computer shops.  We should plan that trip not far from now.  I am also excited to window shop!


Snowing in July?

My friends in New Zealand posted photos recently of an early snow in there.  It was unusual to have snow that early, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.  I have always wanted to know how it feels like to walk on and play with snow.  Coming from an Asian country, I just see it on tv or in the movies.

If my friends from the west complain “too cold” in their facebook statuses, I would always reply, “too humid!” Haha.. There never seem to be a cold season in this part of the world! But I am not complaining. Just a little envious, I guess. 😀

Sometimes I wonder how it would be like to be hanging outside on a cold day with outdoor firepit, enjoying hot tea with family or friends. Or how my kids would be so elated to finally make a snowman! Well, I guess that would remain to be a dream unless we would have a chance to visit the other part of the world!

A bundle of love

A bundle of flowers can say a lot. It could be a “kiss and make-up” for some couples… for some it is the sweetest way of conveying a message of love. Although flowers do not really last that long, the joy it brings to the receiver is simply priceless.

Flowers do not have to be given on special occasions. In fact it would be great to surprise the love of your life with one when she least expects it. Most men invest in flowers at the time of courting, but forget to do so when there are so many things to care of like bills, kids, and the demands of work.

The best thing about this time and age is you don’t even have to go to the flower shop to buy your lady love a bunch of flowers. All you have to do is to contact a custom flower delivery and your flowers would only not only make that special someone happy. It is not that expensive and for couples, it can make all the difference in the world.

Shopping in Bangkok

Whenever we have visitors come over to Bangkok for some shopping, we always take them to Pratu Nam, where Platinum Fashion Mall is located. They sell ready to wear clothes at affordable prices.

This is a photo of me and my sister in law. She and my brother had a blast shopping! This particular shopping center has little stalls and every shop keeper can speak quite a bit of English so language is not really a problem. This is also because so many buyers from different countries come here to do business.

Most of them also accept credit cards for payments and have receipt printers. It was really good to have my brother and his wife come over. We also went to big malls like Central World and Paragon. I wonder who our next guests to take out shopping will be? 😉